A firm dedicated
to the aviation industry for 30 years

The members of our team share the same approach to their profession.

Each individual has a different and complementary background, with a technical and pragmatic approach to the particular challenges facing the aviation industry in France and abroad.

We work in constant synergy to provide the most relevant response to the specific cases our clients bring.


Jean CHEVRIER is a partner in the firm.

Having specialised in the aviation industry since 1982, Jean CHEVRIER founded the firm, dedicated to aviation law, in 1992.

He advises those involved in the aviation industry (airline companies, airports, aircraft and aircraft equipment manufacturers, pilots) and defends them before the civil, administrative, criminal and arbitration courts.

He has been involved in matters relating to major air accidents, such as Rio Paris, Sharm-el-Sheikh, Mont Saint-Odile, and WCA in Venezuela.


Lionel GUIJARRO is a partner in the firm.

He is responsible for cases of public law, advising airports and public bodies and defending them before the administrative and judicial courts.

He also provides defence for transporters, flying clubs, pilots, instructors, equipment manufacturers and their insurers where liability is sought before the civil, commercial and criminal courts.

He has been involved in major air accident cases.


Thierry MAZOYER is a partner in the firm.

He advises and represents those involved in commercial and general air transport. He works especially with insurance companies and with aircraft owners or operators (airline companies, operators, individuals, sports federations, flying clubs, pilots etc.).

At the advisory stage, he works alongside his clients in civil and criminal liability cases, and where appropriate before the relevant administrative, civil, commercial and criminal courts.

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A lawyer in the firm, Victor BERTIN acts for airline companies in various types of litigation, in particular when the air carrier’s liability is involved.

He also works on all general aviation matters.


Legal and administrative assistant